Monday, October 26, 2009

Contemplating a Change

I am currently at a crossroads with regards to completing my degree. In fact, you might not call it a crossroads, but rather a dead end. If I don't get my act together and get my paperwork done, I'll be sitting idle for another semester and my goal is to graduate with this degree at the same time Austin graduates from high school in the spring of 2011. After all, I've been in school for what seems like FOREVER!

So just what am I contemplating? The university recently began offering another degree option and I'm seriously considering checking into what it would take for me to switch to the newer option. Of course, that would require the authorization of my advisor  and I'm sure there would be additional paperwork to boot. I've got to make this decision soon; either way I go will result in the same outcome. Decisions, decisions...

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